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Seismic and well data are critical assets for oil and gas companies. Katalyst Data Management® helps you manage all of your geological and geophysical E&P data volumes with one multi-cloud solution to unleash your data’s potential for processing, interpretation and artificial intelligence. Our full life cycle subsurface data management services include every step in the process, from data capture and verification, to cloud services and data organization, to marketing your geophysical data online.

Domain Knowledge

Domain Knowledge
Our team of geological and geophysical data experts begin your E&P digital transformation, managing and optimizing more subsurface data than any other provider worldwide.

Meta Data Integrity

Metadata Integrity
Using smart data quality tools, the focus is to maintain the data integrity through the data management process, so asset teams can trust the results are ready for analysis.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation
Digital transformation begins with proven data capture, scanning and tape transcription processes and results in subsurface data with greater quality, visibility and access.

Multicloud Storage

Multi-cloud Storage
Seismic cloud data solutions ensure secure access to your subsurface data assets, whether they’re hosted at one of our datacenters or stored in a private cloud or multi-cloud environment.

Data Security / Data Recovery

Data Security and Data Recovery
We keep data secure with multiple independent servers and test and validate our secure web storage with IBM penetration testing. Should data be compromised, Katalyst offers data recovery for all data resources.

24/7 Data Access

24/7 Data Access
Katalyst establishes real-time data analytics for subsurface data, granting faster access to data, a longer lifespan for data and the ability to discover new value with big data analytics.


Petabytes of Data Under Management

Katalyst Data Management
Katalyst Data Management

Cloud Services

Manage your seismic and well data from a single PPDM database via iGlass

Katalyst Data Management


Market your seismic data or license data online with SeismicZone.com

Data Analytics

New Katalyst 360 analytics platform reveals subsurface insights and opportunities.

Latest News and Updates

Get to know the faces that are working hard behind the scenes to unleash your data’s potential. We’re pleased to feature a member of our data science team in our Face Behind the Data profile series, Vinay Murli, Chief Data Scientist. Vinay has had the unique experience of working for Katalyst Data Management for 16 years, through the transition from Kelman Technologies and Kelman Data Management to Katalyst. Vinay is the second profile in our […]

Connect with Katalyst at the SEG 2020 Online Experience at our SEG Virtual Booth or Virtual Chat Room. Get the latest on subsurface data insights. Find out what’s new in virtual data management at the SEG 2020 Annual Meeting and chat with our team members live online. We’re very excited to feature our brand new Katalyst 360 data analytics platform at our virtual booth, and we’ll be online all week, ready to answer your questions […]

Oil and gas data analytics now available for subsurface data insights HOUSTON (October 6, 2020) – Katalyst Data Management announced today the launch of their new Katalyst 360 data analytics platform for the oil and gas industry. This self-service data analytics environment provides a 360 degree view of how subsurface data assets are being utilized within an organization. Katalyst 360 greatly expands the utility of Katalyst’s data management solutions, giving oil and gas companies the […]

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