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One Million Seismic Lines – One PPDM Database

Katalyst Data Management will be presenting at the 2016 Data Management Symposium in Perth, Australia on August 4, 2016.  The event is organized by the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM).  Senior VP of Asia-Pacific Guy Holmes is on the agenda to review a massive PPDM implementation in his talk titled “One Million Seismic Lines – One PPDM Database.”

The abstract for his presentation is below.

One Million Seismic Lines – One PPDM Database

Not many companies have over one million seismic lines to deal with. For those that have anything larger than a few thousand lines, there is always some inconsistency that needs to be dealt with, or the line details are spread across many different databases that simply won’t correlate, have duplicates, or contain inaccurate metadata.

This is the story of PPDM at its best, and in many ways the reasons that PPDM was created and has grown in its use across the globe. A massive PPDM implementation of over one million lines, catalogued and indexed from hundreds of sources, now residing in a single database. Is it fiction or fantasy?

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