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Data Management:
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Data management for seismic and well data volumes can present an endless amount of issues and challenges. Our geophysical and geological consultants and data scientists have many years of experience in managing seismic and well data, and we’re excited to be able to share webinars on issues from digital transformation and cloud computing to data compliance and entitlement.

The data management webinars are available to view at your convenience – see details below.

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Data Management Webinars

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Find Your Subsurface Data Now: Leveraging Elasticsearch
Hands-On Data Series

Finding data can be tricky business if you’re not sure where to look. Wouldn’t it be great if locating the subsurface data you need was as easy as searching the Internet? Join us for a preview for the new search service within iGlass Portal, powered by Elasticsearch™.

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Data Quality: A Solid Foundation
Hands-On Data Series

Having the solid foundation of a complete, reliable data set in your subsurface database is an ongoing quest for the oil and gas company. This Hands-On Data webinar will demonstrate real-world applications and practices to ensure that your subsurface database quality is rock-solid.

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Data Analytics for Data Management: Unlock Subsurface Insights
Hands-On Data Series

The volume of subsurface data that is being acquired and made available is rapidly increasing. This Hands-On Data session offers a first look at the new Katalyst 360 analytics platform and how it provides a 360 degree view of the flow of seismic and well data throughout your organization.

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Remote Seismic Data Loading: From Archive to Interpretation
Hands-On Data Series

Getting new subsurface data into the hands of geoscientists can be challenging in today’s unusual work environment. This webinar will show how you can bypass traditional data loading and transfer processes, and securely load seismic data into your data management and workstation environments without ever actually physically handling the data.

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Revealing Your Data to the Right People

As subsurface databases become larger, cover more geographical areas and contain multiple business units’ data, companies are challenged with regulating access to certain datasets. Using the iGlass database and entitlements module, you can easily limit who sees what data and what actions they can take with it.

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Working Online: Katalyst, IHS Markit & Your Data

Is working online allowing you to manage your data licensing needs? Now more than ever, our industry will rely upon online transactions and communications. Join us to see how Katalyst and IHS Markit are working to change the paradigm for the online seismic data marketplace.

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Data Speaks: Considering the Cloud

Are you considering the cloud?  This talk will look at the drivers behind this radical change to how oil and gas companies approach their data and IT infrastructure, the perceived benefits of going to the cloud, and what they are finding as they evaluate data management in commercial cloud environments.

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Is Your License at Risk? Source of Truth
Join us for recorded webinar to help subsurface data managers “mind the gap” as they begin to reconcile their seismic database through a data compliance process. This webinar takes a closer look at the migration and metadata quality processes along with the challenges faced by subsurface data managers when reconciling metadata from a variety of different sources.

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Seismic Data Governance: Is Your Operating License at Risk?
This webinar presents a high level discussion about a company that has taken over assets from an operator. The session addresses questions such as: Is your seismic compliant? How do you know? Could you pass a seismic audit? What do you need to consider as you integrate your seismic assets into your existing environment?”

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Entitlement Essentials: Understanding Ownership
Your seismic data is extremely valuable. But do you know who really owns all of that value? It takes time, but understanding the ownership of your data is well worth the investment and can yield benefits with tremendous revenue potential while mitigating risk. This webinar reveals how a little investigation into entitlements can provide savings and earnings in the long run.

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Maximize Your Seismic Budget

Find new ways to maximize your budget by taking advantage of the SeismicZone online marketplace. was designed to provide savings for those in the market for data as well as revenue for companies who have seismic data for license.

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