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Welcome to Katalyst’s Digitize the World Tour page. For months, we’ve discussed the value of digital transformation for E&P companies. Now, we’re bringing this message on a global tour. We’re attending and exhibiting at the industries’ biggest trade shows and conferences. At each event, we’ll show how companies transition from the start of digital transformation to the end value. If you miss the conference, check this page for show summaries and takeaways.

The Digitize the World Tour is coming to a city near you – see upcoming events below.

Digitize the World Tour | Digital Transformation

Upcoming Events

Digitize the World Tour | SEG

SEG San Antonio, September 15-18
Katalyst will join Geoscientists from over 80 countries in San Antonio for SEG19. This year, Katalyst is an exhibitor for the multidisciplinary conference, which will feature the latest in data acquisition, the importance of artificial intelligence, and big data, such as the technology of sparse 3D land seismic data acquisition. Visit Katalyst at SEG booth #1838.

Digitize the World Tour | Katalyst Data Management

ECIM Haugesund, September 16-18
The ECIM E&P Data Management Conference offers an excellent opportunity to network with peers across operators, regulators, academia and service providers. Over 60 presenters share their experiences on topics including data and information best practice, digital transformation, data science and analytics.  Katalyst will co-exhibit with Iron Mountain at stand #S02.

PESGB Africa E&P London, October 1-2
This annual event, alternating between London and Houston, was attended by over 600 delegates in London in 2017.  More than 30 countries were represented including Congo, Comoros, Gabon, Guinea, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and South Africa. Learn more about our mission to Digitize the World at the Katalyst stand #H8.

AEGC Perth, September 2-5
The 2019 Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference was jointly hosted by the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG), Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG), and Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA). The theme for the 2019 conference was “Data to Discovery.” Katalyst was excited to be there to help companies continue their digital transformation journey for their E&P data. For guidance on your subsurface data digitalization journey, please use the online form to contact us.

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Digitize the World Tour - EAGE

EAGE London, June 3-6
The 81st Annual EAGE Conference & Exhibition had over 5,500 participants and 268 exhibitors. Digital transformation for E&P data was a hot topic, and we were excited to use this show as an opportunity to launch our Digitize the World Tour. To learn more about Digital Transformation and our consulting services to guide your company through the “paper to digits” transition, please use the online form to contact us.

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Katalyst - PNEC

PNEC Houston, May 21-22
Digital transformation was a popular topic, with many operators showcasing their success stories and struggles with going digital for their subsurface data volumes. We were honored to have a few clients speak about how Katalyst and iGlass have been instrumental in navigating the challenges of subsurface data management and the digital transformation. The show was a great opportunity to catch up with our clients and we look forward to see what develops next year.

For additional information, PNEC proceedings can be found here.

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Katalyst - GeoConvention

GeoConvention Calgary, May 13-15
GeoConvention 2019 brought local and international insights into efficient energy exploration and production. This year, the technical discussion centered on new technological tools and advancements, advancing understanding of unconventional plays, managing risk of unconventional development and more. Katalyst’s Calgary team was in attendance, discussing the challenges and opportunities for the Calgary energy industry.

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Digitize the World Tour - SEAPEX

SEAPEX SEC Singapore, April 3-5
The SEAPEX Exploration Conference is a biennial event for upstream oil and gas industry professionals and investors in the Asia-Pacific region. The 2019 conference featured nearly 35 presentations from exhibitors throughout Asia-Pacific.

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Digitize the World Tour - NAPE

NAPE Summit Houston, February 14-15
Katalyst once again participated in one of the largest oil and gas prospect expos in North America – the 2019 NAPE Summit in Houston, February 14-15, 2019. This year’s Summit drew 12,360 oil and gas professionals, including Katalyst teams from our US and Canada regions. Director of SeismicZone.com Trish Mulder was on hand to demo the online marketplace for seismic data, showing booth visitors what’s available on the e-brokerage website.

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