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Katalyst’s highly experienced subsurface data technicians include geophysicists and geologists with a unique appreciation for the complexities that come with digital transformation of subsurface data and the data transformation requirements that the oil and gas industry often demands.

We understand the complexities of your priceless seismic and well data and endeavor to add value where we can and provide options that will not only preserve already aging exploration data archives, but future proof your E&P data by providing digitizing services on an ongoing basis.

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Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas

Katalyst doesn’t just transcribe and copy your seismic and well data from one type of media to another – we are your G&G digital transformation partners and the custodians of your valuable exploration data assets for the long term.

Katalyst is dedicated to improving the value of subsurface data and reducing risk through our numerous data transformation solutions services, including tape transcriptionindexing, QC, loadingcloud services and data recovery and scanning services. Throughout our wide breadth of offerings, clients can rest easy knowing their assets are within a Tier 2 secure facility, free of third-party services.

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