Data Analytics for Data Management Webinar - Unlock Subsurface Insights

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Data Analytics for Data Management: Unlock Subsurface Insights, a Hands-On Data Webinar

Data Analytics for Subsurface Data Management

Data Analytics for Data Management: Unlock Subsurface Insights
Live Webinar on Wednesday, July 22nd at 10am CDT

Harnessing the power of data analytics to gain valuable insights into your subsurface data will be the next topic in our Hands-On Data webinar series.  Hands-On Data is the theme for a series of webinars, each of which will feature one of our subsurface consultants highlighting a hands-on approach to completing projects and achieving your seismic and well data management objectives.

The volume of seismic and well data that is being acquired and made available is rapidly increasing, and large digital transformation projects are also unlocking legacy data. When these data are managed by subsurface data management technology, the prospect of being able to perform system wide analytics is enabled. Our next Hands-On Data session will offer a first look at Katalyst 360 Analytics and show how the platform can be used to unlock insights from your subsurface assets while providing a 360 degree view of how seismic and well data is being used throughout your organization.

Join us live on Wednesday, July 22nd as Vinay Murli shows real-world use cases and demonstrates how consumers will be able to use the new Katalyst 360 Analytics environment to explore, analyze and create custom analytics content.

Data Analytics for Data Management: Unlock Subsurface Insights
Hands-On Data Series
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020
10:00am CDT

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About the Speaker

Vinay Murli is the Chief Data Scientist at Katalyst Data Management. He has spent his career managing and extracting value from subsurface data assets for oil and gas companies. He is a physicist with a background in seismic data processing, subsurface data management, project management and business intelligence.

For more information about our Hands-On Data webinar series, including links to previous webcasts and recordings, visit our webinar webpage.