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Katalyst Data Management at SEAPEX Exploration Conference in Singapore

Katalyst Data Management is looking forward to sponsoring and participating in the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX) Exploration Conference in Singapore on 2-5 April 2019.  The biannual event brings together members of the upstream industry across the Asia-Pacific area for three days of presentations, networking and opportunities in the region.  The SEAPEX Exploration Conference will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in Singapore. Members from our offices in Perth and Kuala Lumpur will […]

Big Data Challenges Facing Seismic Data and Exploration Geophysics

Seismic data and exploration geophysics face plenty of big data challenges. In WSJ’s CIO Journal in December 2017 Deloitte analysts wrote that, with many companies doubling their data every two years, short-term, narrowly focused strategies for data storage can quickly become obsolete. New content management architectures and strategies will be needed to accommodate the Big Data explosion. The Holy Grail for today’s companies, Deloitte added, is an enterprise-wide content management strategy to handle increasing volumes […]

Seismic Data Digital Transformation Begins with Tape Transcription

Evaluating legacy media inventory opens a pathway to digitalization of seismic data One of the biggest digital transformation challenges facing the oil and gas exploration and production industry today is the vast amount of different tape media technologies used by E&P and geophysical companies throughout the history of seismic exploration. Seismic data is extremely valuable and rarely ever destroyed. To make this data usable in today’s environment, oil and gas companies often require tape transcription […]

Katalyst Data Management Opens Subsurface Datacenter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

E&P data management company expands footprint in Asia-Pacific region HOUSTON (February 19, 2019) Katalyst Data Management announced today that it is opening a subsurface data management center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The new location will be the company’s fifth operational datacenter worldwide, along with locations in Calgary, Houston, London and Perth. The Kuala Lumpur office will also serve as a research and development facility, in support of Katalyst’s primary R&D office in Calgary. Data sovereignty […]

Digital Transformation for E&P Data – Hike Production While Reducing Risk

In the upstream oil and gas industry, digital transformation is changing how we do business. In fact, according to Booz Allen Hamilton in December 2018, digital transformation of E&P proprietary data could save the industry as much as $1 billion each year while boosting production up to 8 percent. E&P data is commonly stored in warehouses on decades of various media technologies that cannot be accessed on today’s platforms, and that means missed opportunities. Geophysical […]

Katalyst to Exhibit at 2019 NAPE Summit in Houston February 14-15

Katalyst Data Management is excited to once again participate in one of the largest oil and gas prospect expos in North America at the 2019 NAPE Summit in Houston on February 14-15, 2019.  Members from our US and Canada team will be on hand to demo our SeismicZone.com online marketplace for seismic data and iGlass database for subsurface data management.  The event will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston. […]

Geophysical Data Compliancy – Utilizing Technology

By Sue Carr and Trish Mulder As published in PPDM Foundations Vol 5, Issue 2 Geophysical data compliancy means only using data you are entitled to use for an implicitly defined purpose and timeframe. Geophysical / seismic data is complex.  Seismic is an image of a defined position of the earth. It is multi-dimensional, multi-faceted and geographically based. It consists of raw and interpretation data and could reside on different media types and formats. It may also […]

Katalyst Data Management Takes Digitise the World to Africa Oil Week

Africa Oil Week – 25th Anniversary 5-9 November 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa Katalyst Data Management is looking forward to exhibiting at the 25th Annual Africa Oil Week Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. With all of the opportunities in the upstream oil and gas sector in Africa, there are still many challenges that operators face when it comes to handling massive amounts of subsurface data needed for exploration and production in this region. […]

Digitize the World—Time to Get Out of the Box

With billions of dollars of E&P data trapped in physical storage, the oil and gas industry is still struggling with the transformation from paper to digits. As published in the Harts E&P SEG Show Daily Preview Issue Decades of data acquisition in the oil and gas industry has amounted to trillions of dollars spent to discover what’s hidden beneath the subsurface.  Now that data archive volumes have become insurmountable, many companies are investing their dollars to […]

Katalyst to Present at PPDM Perth Data Management Luncheon

“Metadata Migration To The PPDM Model – A ‘Good Practice’ General Methodology, Lessons Learned and Case Study Examples” Presented by Stephen Malajczuk, Katalyst Data Management We are excited that our very own Stephen Malajczuk, Manager of Account Services, presenting at the Perth Spring Data Management Luncheon organized by PPDM. Metadata is becoming increasingly important for companies seeking to make better and more timely data-driven decisions. As the volumes of data that companies obtain are increasing, there […]