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Seismic Data Quality: The Big Scary Monster

Seismic data quality means having the solid foundation of a complete reliable dataset in your subsurface database, an ongoing quest for oil and gas companies. How can you stand behind your projects and investments if you’re not certain that they’re built upon quality seismic and well data? Oil and gas companies with assets in multiple countries around the world manage many petabytes of seismic and well data. If there are data quality issues, it can […]

Face Behind the Data Profiles Katalyst’s Chief Data Scientist Vinay Murli

Get to know the faces that are working hard behind the scenes to unleash your data’s potential. We’re pleased to feature a member of our data science team in our Face Behind the Data profile series, Vinay Murli, Chief Data Scientist. Vinay has had the unique experience of working for Katalyst Data Management for 16 years, through the transition from Kelman Technologies and Kelman Data Management to Katalyst. Vinay is the second profile in our […]

Katalyst Data Management Exhibits at Virtual Booth for SEG 2020

Connect with Katalyst at the SEG 2020 Online Experience at our SEG Virtual Booth or Virtual Chat Room. Get the latest on subsurface data insights. Find out what’s new in virtual data management at the SEG 2020 Annual Meeting and chat with our team members live online. We’re very excited to feature our brand new Katalyst 360 data analytics platform at our virtual booth, and we’ll be online all week, ready to answer your questions […]

Katalyst Data Management Launches Katalyst 360 Data Analytics Platform

Oil and gas data analytics now available for subsurface data insights HOUSTON (October 6, 2020) – Katalyst Data Management announced today the launch of their new Katalyst 360 data analytics platform for the oil and gas industry. This self-service data analytics environment provides a 360 degree view of how subsurface data assets are being utilized within an organization. Katalyst 360 greatly expands the utility of Katalyst’s data management solutions, giving oil and gas companies the […]

Master Data Management and Subsurface Cloud Considerations on Agenda for PPDM Virtual Forum

Katalyst Data Management will be presenting at the PPDM September Data Management Forum, a virtual event with three days of talks covering everything from OSDU to master data management and seismic cloud storage.  We are excited to also be a forum sponsor and participating in the Calgary Leadership Team that will facilitate the OSDU panel discussion on the first day.  The virtual event will take place on September 29 – October 1, 2020. The PPDM […]

Katalyst to Present Canadian Well Identifier and Master Data Management at GeoConvention

We are excited to be sponsoring and presenting at the annual GeoConvention that will take place live on a virtual platform on September 21-23, 2020.  The event is organized each year by the geoscience societies of Calgary, and we are pleased to have two talks accepted as part of their on-demand technical sessions. Wed, Sep, 23rd, 8:35 AM – 12:15 PM – Advancements in Operations Room 1, Geology and Geophysics Tracks The Canadian Well Identifier, […]

Introducing ‘Face Behind the Data’ Profile Series with Patrick Meroney, VP US Operations

Get to know the faces that are working hard behind the scenes to unleash your data’s potential. We’re excited to launch our Face Behind the Data profile series, each of which will feature a subject matter expert (SME) for subsurface data management describing how in the world they ended up in this unique industry. To kick-off the series, we’re proud to feature Patrick Meroney, VP of US Operations and Consulting Services, who has had the […]

Oil and Gas Data Analytics: When Subsurface Data Becomes a Natural Resource

The volume of new subsurface data that is being acquired and made available is rapidly increasing.  Meanwhile large digital transformation projects are also unlocking legacy data. Many oil and gas companies are finding themselves with data assets from multiple countries that are being transformed into digital resources that could be used for oil and gas data analytics. Further complicating the asset trail, some of these companies are still acquiring and merging with other companies, requiring […]

Cloud Storage for E&P Data: Lessons Learned

It is increasingly clear that oil and gas companies are ramping up their efforts to put more and more E&P data into cloud storage.  The current industry dynamics are pressuring them to continue to drive down cost, declare a digitalization strategy and compete with companies in other industry verticals for capital. So what are they learning as they make the journey? Cloud Storage Cost According to the eighth annual State of the Cloud survey by […]

Data Analytics for Data Management: Unlock Subsurface Insights, a Hands-On Data Webinar

Data Analytics for Data Management: Unlock Subsurface Insights View Webinar Recording Harnessing the power of data analytics to gain valuable insights into your subsurface data will be the next topic in our Hands-On Data webinar series.  Hands-On Data is the theme for a series of webinars, each of which will feature one of our subsurface consultants highlighting a hands-on approach to completing projects and achieving your seismic and well data management objectives. The volume of […]