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Unleash Your Data's Potential℠

Face Behind the Data Profiles Crystal Hout, Project Manager

Get to know the faces that are working hard behind the scenes to unleash your data’s potential. This month for our Face Behind the Data profile series, we are excited to introduce, Crystal Hout, Project Manager. Crystal has experience spearheading digital transformation projects and data management. Crystal’s drive and dedication to ensure clients’ projects come to fruition is invaluable to Katalyst. We are excited she could contribute her experience to Face Behind the Data, a series […]

Kick Starting your Asset Acquisitions & Dispositions

Trish Mulder, Director of Business Development for at Katalyst, will provide a process overview when selling or acquiring an asset, questions to ask yourself through the process and how Katalyst can assist you every step of the way. See the Webinar on Demand:  Meet the Presenter Trish Mulder Director; Business Development, Katalyst Data Management: a seismic data expert with over 20 years of experience in data and asset management at both E&P and […]

The Data Fit Organization and the Lessons of Macondo

The Data Fit Organization and the lessons of Macondo Article Written By Jess Kozman, Katalyst Data Management A Data Fit Organization (DFO) is one where: • data culture is a ubiquitous part of work, like safety is today, • all employees have data competencies and capabilities, • all employees demonstrate behaviors that deliver strategic value from data, and • data roles and responsibilities are measured and incentivized. The concept of a Data Fit Organization was […]

Breaking Down the Life Cycle of a Well

Patrick Meroney and Sue Carr discuss the lifetime of a well through SEG’s The Leading Edge podcast. Patrick Meroney is Vice President, North America Operations. Sue Carr is Solutions Manager, Subsurface Consulting at Katalyst Data Management. Patrick and Sue discuss the importance of a shared definition of a well, spotlight the most important well component for geophysicists, highlight the five life cycles of a well, and break down why well logs are the key piece for successful […]

E&P Data Governance: Starts with Strategy

Enable a pathway to excellence with a fit-for-purpose E&P data governance model What is E&P data governance? To start off on the right foot, an energy company should consider researching definitions and selecting one that best fits what lines up with the organization’s objectives. Data governance is a system for defining who within an organization has authority and control over data assets and how those data assets may be used. It encompasses people, processes and […]

60% no more! Solving your data management challenges by “1,000 cuts”

There are more options than ever before for databases, applications, storage and compute to solve the data challenges faced by the energy industry, yet after 30 years, we are still being told that “60% of our time” is spent finding and organizing data for geoscientists. Why is this? How can we move past the initial step of data gathering to real digital transformation that takes full advantage of the growing field of data science? Shawn […]

KDM Webinar Calendar

Mark your calendars for our upcoming webinars We are creating a line up of webinars for you to attend throughout the entire year with various topics. Are you ready to easily locate your data?  Do you need expertise in how to build a robust data management strategy?  Would you like to have the freedom to focus solely on your core work? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, make room in […]

Visit Katalyst at NAPE Summit on February 10-11, 2022

Visit Katalyst at #Booth 2211 We are excited to exhibit at the NAPE Summit, which will be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, February 10-11, 2022. The Katalyst team is ready to speak with you about our Subsurface Digital Transformation services, technology, and Consulting services. We look forward to seeing you at the show! NAPE is the energy industry’s marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of prospects and producing properties. NAPE brings […]

Face Behind the Data Profiles Craig Jones, Business Development Manager

Get to know the faces that are working hard behind the scenes to unleash your data’s potential. This month for our Face Behind the Data profile series, we are excited to introduce, Craig Jones, Business Development Manager. Craig has experience in geophysics, processing data, processing technology, and data management. Craig’s passion for technology and subsurface data management can be seen through the work he produces. His motto is to always learn and ask the important […]

Visit Katalyst at PPDM Houston Expo on October 25-26, 2021

Visit Katalyst at #Booth 17 We are excited to present and exhibit at the upcoming Houston Professional Petroleum Data Expo, which will be held at the Westin Houston Memorial City, on October 25-26, 2021. The Katalyst team is taking center stage and presenting insightful information that will change the way you see data. We are ready to speak with you about our subsurface digital transformation services and technology, and introduce you to our new consulting […]