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Cloud Data Storage for Oil and Gas Companies: A Complicated History

The energy industry can no longer afford to delay cloud adoption. Oil and Gas technology has seen tremendous advancement over the past 20 years, which has resulted in accelerating increases in production and operational efficiency. But when it comes to digital technologies, the industry lags behind. Why? The capital-intensive operations found in the upstream sector don’t lend well to the trial-and-error approach typically used with new digital technologies. With an unpredictable oil price, operators are […]

How Data Audits Can Save Companies Millions

Your company has collected data for decades. Do you know how much data you have? Or if that data is accurate and up-to-date? The question becomes, how much potential value are you losing due to inaccurate data? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re not alone. Oil and gas operators have collected subsurface geological data for generations, but this data faces challenges. Often, data collects dust and goes unused. It may be inaccurate, mislabeled, or […]

Introducing Katalyst Data Management’s Digitize The World Tour

The world of subsurface data management is changing. Most of us have heard and felt the changes we are experiencing as part of the digital revolution. Whether it’s digital transformation, data analytics, machine learning or artificial intelligence, it all requires a vast amount of content to take advantage these revolutionary technologies. The first step in this revolution is digital transformation. Tremendous amounts of subsurface data must be made digital. As a result, we are excited […]

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas

Do the math. How many pieces of paper do you think would fit into ten terabytes? In a typical oil and gas digital transformation project, ten terabytes holds the equivalent of 35,000,000 pieces of paper full of text and images. That’s roughly 16,000 boxes of paper. Add another terabyte of subsurface maps and seismic sections, and that’s an additional 15,000 images and 350 boxes of paper. Just the storage for all of those boxes could […]