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Digital Transformation Framework for Geophysical Data

You’ve made the decision to begin (or at least take the next step in) your company’s digital transformation. You realize there are benefits to be had, like organizing volumes of geophysical data that hold valuable insights, taking advantage of big data analytics and finding value in existing assets. But where to begin? Katalyst Data Management has undertaken a digitization strategy framework for geophysical data that includes the four key components of digital transformation, no matter […]

Simplifying Data Capture and Data Recovery

There’s hope for “lost” data when you have a data recovery plan. Data recovery services can often restore even the most damaged media. Exploration companies rely on these services, because old, legacy media that stores geophysical data is prone to fail. Whether stiction or skew errors affects tape media, geophysical data is plagued with potential corruption. This problem is compounded as exploration companies continue to generate and collect more seismic data than ever. Without a […]

Big Data Challenges Facing Seismic Data and Exploration Geophysics

Seismic data and exploration geophysics face plenty of big data challenges. In WSJ’s CIO Journal in December 2017 Deloitte analysts wrote that, with many companies doubling their data every two years, short-term, narrowly focused strategies for data storage can quickly become obsolete. New content management architectures and strategies will be needed to accommodate the Big Data explosion. The Holy Grail for today’s companies, Deloitte added, is an enterprise-wide content management strategy to handle increasing volumes […]

Seismic Data Digital Transformation Begins with Tape Transcription

Evaluating legacy media inventory opens a pathway to digitalization of seismic data One of the biggest digital transformation challenges facing the oil and gas exploration and production industry today is the vast amount of different tape media technologies used by E&P and geophysical companies throughout the history of seismic exploration. Seismic data is extremely valuable and rarely ever destroyed. To make this data usable in today’s environment, oil and gas companies often require tape transcription […]

Digital Transformation for E&P Data – Hike Production While Reducing Risk

In the upstream oil and gas industry, digital transformation is changing how we do business. In fact, according to Booz Allen Hamilton in December 2018, digital transformation of E&P proprietary data could save the industry as much as $1 billion each year while boosting production up to 8 percent. E&P data is commonly stored in warehouses on decades of various media technologies that cannot be accessed on today’s platforms, and that means missed opportunities. Geophysical […]

Digital Transformation for E&P Means Closer Look at Data Management

Geoscience industry turns to consultants to bring data up to speed As published on the BOE Report Digital transformation for E&P could revolutionize the subsurface data programs for companies whose vast data archives reside on paper or some other form of inaccessible legacy media. The transition from legacy media and “paper to digits” for seismic, well logs, well files, maps, graphics and reports will be imperative for the industry to keep up with the pace of […]

Katalyst Data Management to Digitize the World at SEG 2018

SEG Annual Conference and Exhibition October 14-17, 2018 in Anaheim The Society for Exploration Geophysicists 88th Annual Meeting and Exhibition will be in sunny California this year at the Anaheim Convention Center in October. We are looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s conference, and kicking off our “digitize the world” campaign. Digitize the World – Digital Transformation for E&P Data There has been a lot of talk about the digital transformation and the impact […]

Katalyst Data Management to Present at PPDM Data Management Symposium in Calgary

2018 Calgary Data Management Symposium, Trade Show & AGM October 22nd-24th at the Telus Spark Science Center Katalyst Data Management is excited to be co-presenting with IBM Canada at the PPDM Calgary Symposium this year. The presenters will be Sue Carr, Solutions Manager of Consulting Services and Trish Mulder, Director of, along with Rob Burton, Technology Thought Leader at IBM and Jeff MacLeod, Associate Partner at IBM. They’re presentation will be at 2pm on […]

Katalyst Data Management Updates New Office in Perth

Our Perth Location Has Moved Katalyst Data Management’s Asia-Pacific team in Perth recently moved offices, and we could not be happier with our new location. No longer in the physical storage business, the previous location was no longer suitable, as we’ve completely transitioned to digital storage. Katalyst decided to make the move from their previous location in Mount Hawthorn to their new facility at 5 Gibberd Road in Balcatta, as it was much better suited […]

Mind the Gap: Data Migration and Metadata Quality

Acquiring another company’s data requires a thorough compliance process. Contributed by Sue Carr and Trish Mulder for the Day 3 issue of Hart’s E&P Daily News at EAGE Copenhagen. Acquiring new assets and the accompanying datasets often means dealing with another organization’s data quality and completeness standards. Geoscientists and data managers must find a way to “mind the gap” caused by missing data records as they begin to reconcile their seismic database through a data compliance […]