Subsurface Data Types Supported by Katalyst Data Management

Katalyst’s iGlass data management software provides a complete set of tools that encompass the full life cycle of our customers’ subsurface assets. Built on PPDM 3.8 public data model, iGlass incorporates a web based ESRI GIS map interface for direct access to your digital subsurface data. Katalyst hosts the iGlass data management software as a service (SaaS) for our clients.

Backed by client demand, what began as a seismic data management solution has expanded to encompass data types across geological and geophysical (G&G) domains.  iGlass’ PPDM compliant database supports the following data types:

Seismic Data

  • Raw field data
  • Field with geometry
  • Gathers
  • Post-stack data
  • VSP data



Gravity/Magnetic Data

LiDAR Data

Microseismic Data

Well Data

  • Well header data (locations, etc)
  • Well documents and reports
  • Well logs
    • Raw
    • Edited
    • Processed
    • Interpreted

Interpretation Projects

  • Project backups
    • Neutral formats
    • Application formats
  • Well interpretation
  • Filtered volumes
  • Horizons
  • Grids
  • Faults

Once properly loaded and indexed, geoscientists can easily access their G&G data archives via iGlass’s map interface and have the benefits of disaster recovery support in a hosted environment.  Users also have the ability to include their own custom or proprietary GIS layers and other value add data.

Click here for a complete list of supported subsurface data formats.

For more information on managing multiple subsurface data types with iGlass, please contact us.

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