Seismic Data Tape Transcription

One of the biggest data management challenges facing oil and gas companies today is the vast amount of different media technologies and seismic data formats used throughout the history of seismic exploration. Seismic data is extremely valuable and rarely ever destroyed. To make this information useable in today’s environment, you will need to transform this data into a new media format or disk for reprocessing or interpretation.

Katalyst has the largest capacity and capability to read and recover data from any magnetic media or disk ever used throughout the industry’s history of recording seismic data. From original analog tapes to new 3592 technology, Katalyst is the only company that can handle all your data requirements, no matter the recording technology. Our tape conversion services include:

  • Bit-for-bit tape copies
  • Demultiplexing
  • Reformatting
  • Navigation merges
  • No permit exclusions
  • Complex data extractions or cut-outs

Through our recent acquisition of Oil Data, Katalyst obtained proprietary software which enables us to read all standard SEG formats as well as most oil companies’ internal formats. Katalyst offers a complete set of services from bit-for-bit copy, reformatting and demultiplexing of old legacy formats, to standard SEGY. Our advanced quality control tools ensure the trace data is converted properly and all header information fully populated.

Legacy Media Issues

Katalyst has specialized equipment and personnel which permit us to handle the following types of problems frequently encountered with legacy media:

  • Stiction (media binder deterioration)
  • Wide, narrow or damaged tapes
  • Amplitude recorded outside drive ANSI specifications
  • Density recorded outside ANSI specifications
  • Parity errors
  • Tape skew

Physical damage to tapes is a problem that we deal with on a regular basis. In some cases, the damaged sections of a tape must be removed before splicing back the undamaged sections of tape.

Legacy Media Types

Katalyst has the ability to read nearly every type of magnetic media that falls within the data categories below.  Visit our Tapes and Media Formats page for a comprehensive list of the legacy media types that we support:

  • Half inch magnetic tapes reels, cartridges or cassettes
  • Quarter inch magnetic tape cartridges and cassettes
  • Removable disks and network attached storage drives
  • Removable memory sticks, flash drives and cards
  • Analog tapes

For more information on our tape transcription services, please contact us.

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