Subsurface Data Duplication and Tape Copy Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Katalyst Data Management is a leading provider of seismic data duplication and tape copy services for the oil and gas industry. We have more than 40 years of experience in processing and duplicating subsurface data for our clients – meaning we understand geological and geophysical data and can add “intelligence” to the data copy process.  Combine this experience with Katalyst Data Management’s sophisticated, state of the art technology, proprietary developed software and unparalleled data validation processes and you have a premium quality tape copy and data duplication service that is simply unmatched within the E&P industry.

Whether copies of seismic data are required for data sharing with internal, joint venture or third party users, for offsite disaster recovery and risk management purposes, or just purely for commercial transactions, Katalyst Data Management can provide fast, reliable and accurate tape copy and data duplication.

  • Bit for bit, byte for byte data duplication – using advanced MD5 file comparison
  • Volume independent – one tape or one million tapes can be accommodated
  • Automated, continual 24 hour processing in datacenter for high volume projects
  • Data format and data structure independent – all types of media and data formats
  • Media independent –reel to reel tape, closed cartridge, hard disk or optical media
  • Flexibility for ad hoc one off copying projects or ongoing scheduled duplication requirements
  • Option for data concatenation or straight duplication
  • Duplication reports produced as standard (eg EBCDIC header and trace processing reports)
  • Stringent QC and data validation integrated into processing

In relation to quality control and data validation, Katalyst Data Management has developed automated data validation routines to guarantee exact, true data copies with the highest levels of data integrity in the industry. The integration of our standard inbuilt MD5 (message digest 5) file comparison provides 32bit file compare results ensuring that your duplicates are identical to the very last byte.

For more information on our subsurface data duplication and tape copy services, please contact us.

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