Subsetting Seismic Exploration Data

Working with 2D and 3D seismic data sets that cover large geographical areas can be challenging and time consuming. The number of physical tapes on which the data is stored combined with the sheer volume of data can make accessing and using the data time consuming and inefficient – particularly if the tape technology is also approaching end of life.

Why not work with a subset of seismic data instead?

  • It can substantially reduce the time required to load and interpret data.
  • Data subsets can be selected on any parameters – for example shot point ranges, in-line or cross-line ranges, coordinates, polygons, or depth.
  • Complexity and size of subsets no barrier – as long as the information is in the data.
  • Inclusion of support data to enable full interpretation of data – whether graphical or textual in nature.
  • Significant cost and time efficiencies afforded.

Katalyst Data Management has extensive experience in the provision of seismic data subsets for the exploration industry. We understand seismic data. Our geophysicists and highly skilled geophysical data technicians can easily meet requirements for subsets of data, regardless of size, whether they are simple or complex in nature. In most circumstances, we are able to suggest additional parameters to further enhance the selection of the data subset and therefore improve and add value to desktop interpretation and processing.

As an integral and essential part of our workflow and quality control process, Katalyst Data Management uses a combination of seismic and mapping validations to ensure that geophysical data subsets have been created correctly.

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