Subsurface Data Management On-Demand

Has your data management staff been reduced? Is your team operating too lean on daily work? Could your team utilize occasional assistance? Katalyst Data Management introduces on-demand subsurface data management as a service.

Katalyst has established a well-rounded team of industry-recognized, experienced and highly skilled petroleum data managers and geotechnologists to enable your team to focus on internal value add projects.

Data Management as a Service
  • Flexible, on-demand when you need us
  • Data management or geotech
  • Compliment or augment your data management team
  • Experienced, skilled subsurface petroleum data managers
  • Seismic, wells and interpretation data management
  • LEAN certified, IT projects, software agnostic, PPDM compliant
  • Cloud-based digital data storage
On-Demand Experience and Services

Our skills include cartography, geology, geophysics, data formats, databases, applications, records and engineering principles.

Please contact us if you need support for any of the following areas:

Data Management

  • Subsurface data management
  • Digitization of paper files and well logs
  • Interpretation project data loading
  • Workstation ready data
  • IT project support
  • Knowledge capture
Data Governance

  • Seismic compliance
  • Ownership investigation
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Full cycle data management
  • Workflow analysis and process improvement
  • Analytical reporting
Asset Transition & E-Brokerage

  • Subsurface data strategy
  • Support A&D activity
  • Data rooms
  • Data migrations
  • Geophysical asset valuation
  • Seismic e-brokerage
Data Quality

  • Database health checks/audits
  • Inventory audits/warranty
  • Data analytics
  • QC processes
  • Data “munging”
  • Data rules, SQL

If your organization needs onsite support for your seismic or well data management, please complete this request form describing your needs and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Subsurface data management services are currently supported by our office in Calgary, Canada.

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