Single Map View for Multiple Data Types

The ability to spatially view and interact with subsurface data is crucial for geoscientists. With iGlass, clients can access all of their G&G data on an interactive map, making their information easier to assess and utilize. Seismic data, well data, microseismic and interpretation project archive libraries can now all be accessible and viewable via one map interface.

Spatialize Your Data Access

Within the iGlass solution, Katalyst has developed proprietary software for loading every type of navigation information from a various sources, including XY coordinates from SEGY trace headers. Every navigation file is qualified, catalogued and saved within the iGlass database and ESRI SDE to facilitate easy viewing and location for each client. By utilizing the GIGS certified Blue Marble GeoCalculator technology, Katalyst can coordinate transformations and reprojections of digital resources.

Throughout the entire process, Katalyst complies with OGP Geoscience Software Guidelines, which provides coordinate reference coding through “EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry”. By establishing a standard coordinate reference system for every data region, Katalyst can validate data to the established standard format, transform and convert assets, ensure quality and implement the resource as the authoritative data.

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