Data Verification

Requesting data from your storage facility can be a tedious and unreliable process. Too often, the requested data is incorrect, mis-indexed, damaged or simply incomplete, which is only discovered after the wrong information is delivered after days or weeks of waiting. This antiquated system of requesting and verifying data is eliminated through the iGlass solution, which properly catalogs and organizes seismic information.

Complete and Reliable Data

One of Katalyst data specialists’ primary roles include verifying that data components match and are complete for client use, including observer reports, field data, processed data, navigation data, and more. After verifying your data, your resource is ready to be reprocessed, utilized in projects, traded or sold. However clients plan to use their assets, they can be certain that information is reliable, marketable and certified.

Touch Once

As part of our role as a content manager, Katalyst ensures your assets are readily available with only a click of a button. Through our “Touch Once” process, all data elements are captured up front, from documentation to digital media, and verified that every asset is complete, undamaged and evergreen before your resource is archived for future use. Clients can avoid the risky trap of continually transcribing data from one media to the next. For all data cataloged and secured on servers, Katalyst verifies the proprietary ownership of the resource, reducing risk for clients and increasing the marketability of the asset.

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