Subsurface Data Management

Today, subsurface data is rapidly expanding by size and substance. What was once gigabytes of data has evolved into terabytes and petabytes. With the explosion of subsurface data, it’s more important than ever to have properly stored and organized information. Katalyst Data Management provides the solutions to make your seismic data easily accessible while ensuring your assets are secure within private datacenters.


Data management is what we live and breathe. Our end-to-end solution is entirely handled and owned by Katalyst Data Management. We perform every step in the process, from data capture and verification to data storage and organization. Katalyst operates full-service global subsurface datacenters in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific so you can be assured that none of our services are outsourced.



After 30 years in the industry, we understand how valuable subsurface data is for our clients, as well as the importance of keeping this information safe, scalable and secure. With Katalyst’s domain expertise and proprietary web storage solution, you can rest easy knowing your data is secure and your assets are protected. In addition, Katalyst is independently audited to the standards of the AICPA SSAE18 SOC2®.



What good is data if clients can’t access their information? Requesting information from a warehouse can take days or even weeks, and often it might not even be the correct data. Katalyst Data Management’s iGlass solution eliminates such delays and inconsistencies, allowing clients to locate and utilize their subsurface data almost instantly through an online map-based interface.



You’ve done the work, you have your data, but is it complete? Katalyst captures all of the metadata so you can understand what you don’t know about your geophysical data assets and identify what’s missing. We provide content management services to ensure your exploration data is continually accessible and easy to locate through a user-friendly format. Now you can spend less time searching and more time analyzing.



As useful as seismic can be, many companies are unable to access their E&P data and optimize its potential value. Katalyst specializes in transforming legacy data into digital, accessible subsurface assets to maximize the return on investment. Backed by our large portfolio, including Oil Data transcription services, the iGlass spatial map viewing portal, D-Mass storage service and our SeismicZone online marketplace, Katalyst enables you to truly unleash your data’s potential.



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