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With over 30 years of experience, Katalyst Data Management® provides the only integrated, end-to-end subsurface data management solution for the oil and gas industry. Our 130 employees operate in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific and are dedicated to optimizing the value of subsurface assets, including seismic and well data, while providing superior customer service.

Maximize Data Value and Accessibility

At Katalyst, our solutions are driven by your data management needs. We accept all formats of legacy media, digitizing and optimizing the information to modern formats to transform your assets into an easily accessible and marketable resource—all in an evergreen format. Our clients have the ability to organize, store and access all of their seismic data through a single, user-friendly web based ESRI map interface.

Multiple Domain Management

In addition to our expertise with seismic data, Katalyst has the ability to manage any subsurface data type. We employ experts for seismic, interpretation, well log and microseismic data management to help us address the unique requirements of each domain. Our services don’t end with storing your seismic data for future use; we perform content management maintenance to maximize the value and accessibility of your data.

Signature Solutions

Katalyst clients can access and view their data spatially through our iGlass software—a convenient and user-friendly map-based portal. As a secure web storage solution, iGlass provides a complete set of tools to manage the full life cycle of any subsurface data asset. Clients also have the opportunity to monetize their proprietary data through our ecommerce website SeismicZone.

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Katalyst modernizes all forms of legacy media, ensuring data is accessible.


Data is stored and managed online, optimizing marketability and value through an evergreen solution.


After transforming the legacy media, we capture metadata, organize and spatialize the modernized data.

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